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In countries that do not have a developed LMS, the prevalent mean of communication with professors is via e-mail, in those where there is a LMS, there is not a fully accessibility of entire content and services for students with special needs.</p> <p>This research defined the need for creation of an accessible LMS or adjusted already existing LMS with accessibility solutions such as: a text-to-speech engine for blind students, a mode with sign language support for deaf students and a mode which supports dyslexic. </p> Aleksandra KAROVSKA RISTOVSKA Olivera RASHIKJ-CANEVSKA Alma TASEVSKA Ruta BRUZIENE Monika ORECHOVA Gonçalo PAIVA DIAS Elisabeth BRITO Henrik HAUBRO Copyright (c) 2021 Aleksandra KAROVSKA RISTOVSKA, Olivera RASHIKJ-CANEVSKA, Alma TASEVSKA, Ruta BRUZIENE, Monika ORECHOVA, Gonçalo PAIVA DIAS, Elisabeth BRITO, Henrik HAUBRO 2021-08-31 2021-08-31 5 2 1 13 10.32936/pssj.v5i2.224 Examination of Consumer Purchase Decisions via Neuromarketing Methods: A Social Psychology Approach <p>The aim of the study is to determine the size and strength of consumers' attitudes towards brands and to observe the effect of marketing efforts on attitudes with the support of biometric data. Through this main purpose 406 people participated in the study to create a brand set, and 60 people participated in the experiment phase. The shopping processes were monitored via eye tracker, and the patterns based on groups were obtained.</p> <p>It has been found out that sales promotion tools and social impact are the influential factors in the purchasing process, which is positioned as the main proposal of the study. According to the comparison made between parents and individuals not having any children, it has been discovered that the gender factor is not influential in the purchasing process while the brand related experience of parents is very effective in the process.</p> Nihan TOMRİS KÜÇÜN Emel GÖNENÇ GÜLER Copyright (c) 2021 Nihan TOMRİS KÜÇÜN, Emel GÖNENÇ GÜLER 2021-08-31 2021-08-31 5 2 14 29 10.32936/pssj.v5i2.245 The Impact of Sports Diplomacy on Improving Kosovo's International Image <p>Public diplomacy which is part of soft power is a branch of diplomacy which has recently taken place and importance in the agendas of large and small states. This segment of diplomacy includes a series of methods and maneuvers which bring positive results to the country it uses and promotes for its own interests. Sports diplomacy is an important dimension of a country's public diplomacy, which has an important and influential role. Different countries aim to use sports diplomacy in the most effective way in favor and profit of their country, and one of these countries is the state of Kosovo. During our work we have tried to present the impact of Kosovo sports diplomacy and its role in improving the international image. Through descriptive, comparative, analytical methods as well as through interviews we have tried to shed light on how much sports diplomacy has influenced the improvement of Kosovo's international image. With the method of interviews, we have interviewed 3 experts in sports diplomacy, and we have analyzed these interviews by implementing the comparison with materials and scientific facts which are related to public diplomacy, with an emphasis on sports diplomacy. In conclusion, we can say that sports diplomacy in Kosovo should be given great importance in order to achieve greater results. Kosovo and its competent institutions need to develop specific strategies and investments for its sports diplomacy.</p> Rinor REXHEPI Vigan SAHITI Copyright (c) 2021 Rinor REXHEPI, Vigan SAHITI 2021-08-31 2021-08-31 5 2 30 38 10.32936/pssj.v5i2.247 Time Consumption and Productivity in Wood Extraction Using Traditional Cable Car <p>Forests are a very important component for the environment in Albania considering the fact that they occupy more than 36% of the country's surface. The evaluation of the working time consumption and productivity of the various sub-phases of wood extraction work, in a beech forest in Albania, with traditional methods and old equipment’s, was considered of interest in this study to highlight the weaknesses to be corrected. Considering the slope in our study site, a traditional cable car Austrian Type R-Gander (A 6832 SULZ) manufactured in 1985 was used for the extraction of timber. Trunks from a distance of 800 - 900 m were extracted using this equipment. The operating team consisted of 3 workers. 10 - 15 working days are required for the assembly and disassembly of the equipment. During the work performed, data regarding working times were collected, paying special attention to dead times, where avoidable times are high 61,0 %. The extracted volume was 31.46 m3, which corresponds to a weight of 41.82 t.</p> Ylli KORTOÇI Mirvjena KORTOÇI Copyright (c) 2021 Ylli KORTOÇI, Mirvjena KORTOÇI 2021-08-31 2021-08-31 5 2 39 45 10.32936/pssj.v5i2.239 Land Tenure of Small Islands and Coastal Areas in Economic and Defense Aspects <p>The question of the purpose of statehood hovers again to collect the pledges of the development actors. The goal to become a nation-state that provides a place and humane and proper way of life is still harassing residents of coastal areas and small islands as part of the natural resources bestowed by The One Almighty God to the Indonesian people. Coastal areas and outer small islands are national assets controlled by the state and need to be preserved and utilized as much as possible for the prosperity of the people, both for present and future generations and for the interests of defense and security. related to the threat of remote island tenure which by certain elements were transferred to the land tenure rights that should belong to the village customary land, but there was a process of transferring rights which were then held by foreigners with the argument related to economic issues that were less supportive in the area by nominee or by road rent that threatens the stability of national defense.</p> I Made Pria DHARSANA Indrasari KRESNADJAJA I Gusti Agung Jordika PRAMANDITYA Copyright (c) 2021 I Made Pria DHARSANA, Indrasari KRESNADJAJA, I Gusti Agung Jordika PRAMANDITYA 2021-08-31 2021-08-31 5 2 46 55 10.32936/pssj.v5i2.220 The Organized Crime in Western Balkans in the Age of Globalization- Trafficking in Narcotics and Money Laundry <p>This research addresses the activity of transnational organized crime in the Westerns Balkans region, particularly the activity of trafficking in narcotics and money laundry. This problematic phenomenon is treated on the aspect of newly created circumstances in the age of globalization, where the entire world is facing the transformation in the political and economic aspect - developments that are impacting the field of security as well.</p> <p>In this period, these countries faced institutional fragility, lack of proper capacities in fight against new forms of organized criminality, lack of inter-state cooperation etc. this situation was used as an opportunity by the criminal organizations with their reach in the entire region, creating the so called Balkan Road which is used for trafficking of narcotics towards Western Europe countries.</p> <p>In this research is expressed the amount of narcotics trafficked and illicit profits from this activity, divided by regional countries for the period 2009-2012. This paper argues how transnational organized crime by exploiting the globalization era facilities has adapted to these newly created circumstances and is increasingly exceeding the capabilities of the countries of a traditional organizations and forms of security in responding appropriately. The interstate cooperation aspect and the use of an interactive approach at technical and operational levels is increasingly being considered as a tangible opportunity to deal with this phenomenon.</p> <p>The paper draws conclusions on how the organized crime threats have had influence on security approaches in the Western Balkans as well as pushing the countries towards an inter-state approach in addressing these threats. Security field contemporary literature as well as reports and assessments of various security agencies have been used in drawing research results.</p> Fidan HALITI Copyright (c) 2021 Fidan HALITI 2021-08-31 2021-08-31 5 2 56 64 10.32936/pssj.v5i2.228 The Effect of Covid-19 on Healthcare Doctors in Turkey: The Case of Istanbul Chapa (Çapa) Hospital <p>After 1945, states began to be more effective on the economy. This situation showed itself under the name of Welfare State or Social State. However, neo-liberal policies were seen as a solution to the economic problems that started to be experienced from the beginning of the 1980s, and the Social State or Welfare State practices began to decline. Depending on the expansion of neo-liberal policies, states have withdrawn from many service areas in accordance with the free market understanding. One of these withdrawals is health services.</p> <p>Health services have been transformed into free market conditions through privatization, and the health service that citizens benefit from has been transformed into paid. On the other hand, in line with neo-liberal policies, principles such as performance, contract and productivity have been introduced to healthcare workers.</p> <p>Healthcare workers and especially doctors are at the forefront of the fight against Covid-19, which started in Wuhan, China and spread to the world. In order to eradicate the epidemic, doctors had to face the worsening working conditions (suspension of the rights to resign and ask for retirement, excessive patient care, etc.) while racing against time to save the patients. This situation brings with it many problems in working life for the doctors who are fighting the epidemic in Turkey as well as in the world.</p> <p>In this study, the effect of the covid-19 epidemic in Turkey on the pandemic service of Istanbul University Istanbul Medical Faculty Chapa Hospital in the process leading to the liquidation of the social state was investigated.</p> Mortaza CHAYCHI SEMSARI Kerim KARADAL Copyright (c) 2021 Mortaza CHAYCHI SEMSARI, Kerim KARADAL 2021-08-31 2021-08-31 5 2 65 74 10.32936/pssj.v5i2.256 International Standards Regarding Protection of Children of Maltreatment <p>Child abuse is protected by international law and acts and includes all types of physical, sexual and emotional abuse. Child abuse is a global problem with serious consequences throughout life, it is also a global problem with serious consequences for children and their families. In order to prevent this phenomenon, the awareness and consciousness of everyone (society, state) must be increased. Work on joint projects should include the UN, WHO, UNICEF, UNESCO, the EU and the CoE. Knowledge, legislation and ideas in protecting children's health belong to health and safety experts. The case law of the European Court of Human Rights and the Court of Justice of the European Union obliges states to include in their legislation the protection of children from all forms of ill-treatment.</p> Netkova BISTRA Ismail ZEJNELI Copyright (c) 2021 Netkova BISTRA, Ismail ZEJNELI 2021-08-31 2021-08-31 5 2 75 82 10.32936/pssj.v5i2.231 The Migration Policy of Iran And Turkey from Past to Present and Migration Governance in the Context of Migrants <p>The phenomenon of migration has been one of the important factors affecting and shaping the lives of countries and societies throughout history. In this respect, the evolution of immigration in its historical process has become a policy that is more carefully followed by countries today. So much so that the phenomenon of immigration has ceased to be based simply on economy around the world and has become a threat to the security of countries with the change of migration trends.</p> <p> </p> <p>In every period of its history, Iran and Turkey have been a country of immigration for various reasons. Migration management and humanitarian fields are discussed in the article. In recent years, the issue of migration has been increasingly on the international agenda and is now seen as a very important issue for all governments; In terms of Iran, immigration management has become an issue that needs to be dealt with comprehensively and systematically in recent years for immigrants from countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and for Turkey, those coming from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq. As a result of the intensification of migration movements in the world, the two countries have become more sensitive to the issue of migration in order to improve their migration management and make the necessary arrangements. In this study, migration management, migration governance, migration and development, regulation of migration, social integration approaches and models of immigrants are examined under two separate headings. The relationship between the mother country Iran and Turkey, immigration and identity policies in this area will be read and the consequences of this process on the immigration policies of these countries and its impact on countries will be examined and analyzed.</p> Kerim KARADAL Mortaza CHAYCHI SEMSARI Oğuz KESKİN Copyright (c) 2021 Kerim KARADAL, Mortaza CHAYCHI SEMSARI, Oğuz KESKİN 2021-08-31 2021-08-31 5 2 83 92 10.32936/pssj.v5i2.258 Consolidating Democracy in Kosovo: The Effective Functioning of Basic Institutions <p>A democracy is considered to be consolidated when no major political grouping attempts to overthrow the democratic regime or promote violence in order to seize any part of the territory from the existing state. Democracy becomes 'the only game on the town’ even when the state faces economic and political difficulties and challenges, all political groups believe and seek to find a solution within the constitutional order and democratic procedures. Namely, before any situation and difficulty in the state, the political forces in the country do not seek to solve problems by undemocratic means.</p> <p>In addition to the main factors mentioned by various authors, in the case of Kosovo, a key problem for the consolidation of democracy, consolidation and positioning in the international arena is the process of normalization of relations with Serbia and cooperation and effective functioning of the three main constitutional institutions; The Assembly, the President and the Prime Minister of Kosovo, as the main pillars of the system policy based on the principle of separation of powers.</p> <p>In principle, their greatest contribution to the consolidation of democracy in Kosovo is, the election and exercise of constitutional functions is done in accordance with the principles and norms set by the Constitution, enjoys the confidence of the majority of the population in the country, and there are no significant political forces and nor the attitudes of the public trying to replace democracy with authoritarian forms of government. In other words, echoing the metaphorical expression of American scientist Juan Linz, a consolidated democracy emerges when democracy is the only game in town.</p> Nuredin LUTFIU Agon HALABAKU Valbona FISHEKU - HALABAKU Copyright (c) 2021 Nuredin LUTFIU, Agon HALABAKU, Valbona FISHEKU - HALABAKU 2021-08-31 2021-08-31 5 2 93 100 10.32936/pssj.v5i2.235 The Right to a Prosperous Life Born and Inner: Gender Change Perspective <p>Gender change is the right of every citizen, but this invites pros and cons in society. Although the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia has regulated human rights, there is no specific mention of human rights related to sex change. This study aims to determine, examine, and analyze the meaning of "the right to a prosperous life born and inner" as referred to in Article 28H paragraph (1) of the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia and Article 9 paragraph (2) of the Human Rights Law, from the perspective of justice related to sex change in Indonesia. Indonesia. This research is a normative legal research with philosophical, legislative, conceptual, case and comparative approaches. The analysis technique uses descriptive, comparative, evaluative and argumentative techniques. The results of the study indicate that the meaning of the right to live in physical and spiritual prosperity in the perspective of gender change is the right to conditions in which an individual with a gender disorder gets health care, safety, and is free from all kinds of disturbances and suffering in order to develop physically, mentally, and physically. spiritual, and social so that the individual realizes his own abilities, can cope with pressure, can work productively, and is able to contribute to himself, his family, community, and society in his environment.</p> Mochamad Ade Syukur NUR ALAM Abdul Rachmad BUDIONO Abdul MADJID Istislam Copyright (c) 2021 Mochamad Ade Syukur ALAM, Abdul Rachmad BUDIONO, Abdul MADJID, Istislam 2021-08-31 2021-08-31 5 2 101 109 10.32936/pssj.v5i2.243 Informal Market in Urban Setting in India: A Sociological Review <p>The formal and the informal market are two significant parts of the economy in India. However, the portion of the informal sector is more when contrasted with the formal one. The informal share of market, which eventually bolsters the conventional economy, is expanding step by step. These informal Markets give a special topic of sociological examination with regards to the informal economy. This paper intends to sociologically contextualize street vendors and weekly markets in the triangle shaped by the urban space, informal economy and state, and see how informal ness is conjured in formal metropolitan circle. This examination through different past investigations attempted to comprehend vendors profile of these market and their conduct with shoppers and among themselves. This paper investigates the profile of consumer and their conduct in urban weekly market. The conduct that the consumers show in looking for, buying, utilizing, assessing and discarding items and services that they expect will fulfil their necessities. Consumer behaviour is impacted by different components like individual, ecological and dynamic. This examination utilizes distinctive other recently distributed attempts to comprehend the idea of weekly market. Further this article also brings into light various problems faced by these informal markets and also talks about policies and legislation brought by government for their betterment.</p> Aayushi VERMA Pawan KUMAR MISRA Copyright (c) 2021 Aayushi VERMA, Pawan KUMAR MISRA 2021-08-31 2021-08-31 5 2 110 120 10.32936/pssj.v5i2.242