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In addition, this development has made it necessary for children to develop skills by the needs of the 21st century.&nbsp; In this research, an alternative to the question of how we can support and update learning activities suitable for our age is presented. Digital game-based learning concepts are explained in the light of the literature and suggestions on how to use them from early childhood are presented. &nbsp;Game is the most important supportive activity for development areas in early childhood. It also similarly affects learning processes. Learning with play makes the child more active and makes him excited about learning. This increases the motivation to learn. According to the research, when DGBL is used effectively, it has been seen that children support many 21st century skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and cooperative learning. This review demonstrated the importance of combining learning and game of digital technology used as an education model. In addition, Practical recommendations are presented for using technology in preschool children.</p> Şule KAVAK Copyright (c) 2022 Şule KAVAK 2022-08-31 2022-08-31 6 2 62 70 10.32936/pssj.v6i2.311 CHALLENGES AND COPING STRATEGIES OF THE VISUALLY IMPAIRED ADULTS: A BRIEF EXPLORATORY SYSTEMATIC LITERATURE REVIEW <p>People, unlike most animals are born vulnerable, and they need to be nurtured and raised in a safe environment to thrive and survive. Human development is holistic and complicated. Much of development is dependent on learning through senses such as sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. People need all these senses to learn the world around them. Worldwide about 253 million people have visual impairment (VI) problem (WHO, 2018). Depending on the type of visual problem (congenital or adventitious), VI makes life difficult for people infected compared to sighted people. People with VI face challenges such as unemployment, injuries through falling and accidents, low-self-esteem, isolation, depression, and difficulty in mobility within communities.</p> <p>The purpose of this literature study was to congregate relevant information on VI and coping strategies in South Africa. Articles reviewed were identified through search engines such as JSTOR, Google Scholar, Boloka-NWU Institutional Repository (NWUIR), ProQuest, EBSCOHost, Scopus, Science Direct and Web of Science were the databases and search engines used in the search. The data collected was then further presented and analysed using Atlas Ti-version 8.4.23 software.</p> <p>The results of this literature study found that people with VI face psychological challenges such as depression, low self-esteem, loss of self-worth and emotional distress. The results further point out that physical challenges are also experienced such as frequent falls, lack of societal resources, inability to perform daily living activities such as cooking, and transportation and mobility. Lastly people with VI also experienced social challenges and environmental challenges such unemployment, unable to use technology and poor quality of life. To cope with challenges, people with VI utilize strategies such strategic planning, meaning making, engage in mind stimulating activities, avoidance coping, substance abuse, family acceptance and optimism.</p> Cherpet TSHUMA Ngenisiwe NTOMBELA Hester Carolina VAN WIJK Copyright (c) 2022 Cherpet TSHUMA, Ngenisiwe NTOMBELA, Hester Carolina VAN WIJK 2022-08-31 2022-08-31 6 2 71 80 10.32936/pssj.v6i2.301 REPRESENTATION OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES (ICT) IN EDUCATION-STATISTICAL ANALYSIS <p>Research “The presence of information and communication technologies in education” is necessary, given that today the integration of these modern technologies is increasingly prevalent, especially since the pandemic, when online learning became the main or even the only way of learning. There are many other benefits that modern technology provides both in general in life and while learning and acquiring new knowledge, providing the possibility of easier and longer-lasting acquisition of knowledge.</p> <p>The focus of this research is to study the situation in high schools and faculties, on how to integrate information technology into the teaching and learning process, as well as to examine the degree of positive impact. The research was conducted in schools and faculties in Istok, Peja, Prizren and Presevo.</p> <p>Students and teachers were interviewed about the application of ICT in teaching, as well as ways of using it. Surveys of both students and teachers were conducted through an online questionnaire, using Google Forms tools. A survey of professors who teach in high schools and colleges was conducted. The questions were open-ended and close-ended. Scientific research methods such as comparative, descriptive, and statistical methods were used for the analysis of theoretical data. While the analysis of data collected through the questionnaire is presented in quantitative and qualitative form. We use the regression model to find the relation between the integration of the internet would and ICT of knowledge. In the last part, conclusions and recommendations are given, for professors, students/teachers, as well as for the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.</p> <p>Based on the collected, processed and analyzed data, we came to the conclusion that ICT is insufficiently used in our schools.</p> Shpresa SULI Amra SABOTIC Gentiana SADIKU-SELIMI Copyright (c) 2022 Shpresa SULI, Amra SABOTIC, Gentiana SADIKU-SELIMI 2022-08-31 2022-08-31 6 2 1 14 10.32936/pssj.v6i2.296 EVALUATION OF LOCATION SELECTION CRITERIA FOR COORDINATION MANAGEMENT CENTERS AND LOGISTIC SUPPORT UNITS IN DISASTER AREAS WITH AHP METHOD <p>In recent years, human beings and our planet have suffered great losses in the frequent disasters. Effective and timely intervention is of utmost importance in all large-scale disasters, whether natural or man-made. In this article, a study has been conducted on a model in which the location selection criteria of the management and support centers, where the coordination works as well as the management and administration are carried out in disaster areas, are evaluated by the Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) method. For this, an in-depth literature analysis was carried out at the first stage, and then all the findings obtained as a result of the literature research were presented to the professionals related to the subject, and expert opinion was sought. In the light of expert opinion, the location selection criteria for the coordination management center and logistic support units in disaster areas were determined, and a model proposal was made, in which the importance values ​​were weighted by using one of the MCDM methods, The Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), which is widely used.</p> Kadir Kaan GÖNCÜ Onur ÇETIN Copyright (c) 2022 Kadir Kaan GÖNCÜ, Onur ÇETIN 2022-08-31 2022-08-31 6 2 15 23 10.32936/pssj.v6i2.334 FUTURE AIR TRANSPORTATION RAMIFICATION: URBAN AIR MOBILITY (UAM) CONCEPT: URBAN AIR MOBILITY <p>Urban Air Mobility (UAM) is a new concept offered for solving urban transportation system problems, contributing to reducing traffic congestion, atmospheric pollution and mobility around metropolitan areas which is progressively an evolved aviation market. Facing the evolved dynamics in the airspace and on the ground, developed new technologies are able to withstand against destroy transportation infrastructures of the big cities, making it necessary to develop UAM services in the megapolises and regional transportation sector. Based on new technologies and modern business approaches, applying the next generation aviation infrastructure makes it capable of setting up a novel air traffic within the urban environment. This case study aims to explore the urban air transport advantages, particularly adoption of UAM, which might be an alternative next generation air transportation system. Referring to the collected operational data and design performances of the UAM, in this paper, we will try to describe a multi approach studying differences between traditional aviation transportation and UAM operation. The first step of the study consists of defining an airspace classification for UAM mission and use of applicable requirements for air navigation service providers and second part of the study describes performing UAM infrastructure and design of vertiports necessary for vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) vehicles. Detailed design specification is not included in this study but limited characteristics are indicated according to the VTOL manufacturer that are obtained from the test results. As far as VTOL vehicles have not started their mission yet, the UAM operators are at the stage of development to set up their future operation. The expected trend provides justifiable assumptions of the necessity of establishing the new transportation ramification within the aviation industry, upon transforming existing business activities and regulations. </p> Mehmet Necati CİZRELİOĞULLARI Pınar BARUT Tapdig IMANOV Copyright (c) 2022 Mehmet Necati CİZRELİOĞULLARI, Pınar BARUT, Tapdig IMANOV 2022-08-31 2022-08-31 6 2 24 31 10.32936/pssj.v6i2.335 THE CHALLENGES OF LEARNING ENGLISH AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE IN COMMUNICATIVE APPROACHES IN HIGHER EDUCATION <p>The purpose of this study was to look at the difficulties students have when learning English as a foreign language in higher education. This paper reports on the results of an interview of 30 randomly selected students and four professors of the Faculty of Philology and English language department, respectively, at the University “Ukshin Hoti” Prizren. </p> <p>It is critical to provide learners with the best possible support in terms of a helpful learning environment and adequate and meaningful language experience when learning a second language. </p> <p>Furthermore, students of English language can work to enhance their English skills, making language teaching and learning more effective and relevant for both lecturers and students.</p> <p>After identifying some of the challenges in English language learning and use in higher education in the Kosovar context, this study will attempt to address some of the critical issues identified and suggest some measures to deal with them more efficiently than what is currently being done. One of the first principles to consider when planning and designing English language programs is the need to identify the goals of teaching English in the sociocultural context in which the learning is taking place in no uncertain terms. Finally, this research has recommended overcoming these challenges and future research.</p> Enes ISMETI Copyright (c) 2022 Enes ISMETI 2022-08-31 2022-08-31 6 2 32 42 10.32936/pssj.v6i2.326 EXAMINATION OF INTERNET AND SHOPPING ONLINE ADDICTION ON KOSOVO STUDENTS DURING THE COVID PERIOD <p>In order to carry out this research, questionnaires were collected online, where the main focus was students from public and private faculties. The specific focus of the research is the correlation of internet addiction with online shopping. In order to achieve the objectives of the study and the ideal results, participants were selected from different faculties in Kosovo and we were able to collect data from different parts of Kosovo. These questionnaires were collected during the covid-19 period in 2021. Questionnaires were applied to different age groups starting from 18 years old and above. The number of participants in this study is 295. The research analyzes were done with IBM SPSS Statistics, where a non-parametric correlation and Spearman's analysis between Internet addiction and online shopping were aimed in our research, we noticed gender differences in the dependence on online shopping where women have resulted higher in this case, the value is higher of addiction to online student shopping varies significantly in terms of gender. Our results also show a significant change in financial status which means dependence on online shopping leads to financial difficulties. Internet and shopping addiction has resulted in positive correlations; addiction has been high where the main cause may be the pandemic time which has made people more passive. This research aimed to find the dependency of online shopping in the universities of Kosovo, where the research was conducted through two questionnaires that measured Internet addiction and online shopping where the focus was on students.</p> Grenita GRAZHDA Ertan BASHA Yll KADA Rina GASHI Erza IBRAHIMI Nimete MUJI Agnesa ISUFI Copyright (c) 2022 Grenita GRAZHDA, Ertan BASHA, Yll KADA, Rina GASHI, Erza IBRAHIMI, Nimete MUJI, Agnesa ISUFI 2022-08-31 2022-08-31 6 2 43 51 10.32936/pssj.v6i2.338 THE INFLUENCES OF PUBLIC RELATIONS AND CRISIS MANAGEMENT IN THE BUSINESS SECTOR: A CASE STUDY IN THE REPUBLIC OF NORTH MACEDONIA <p>The subject of this research is the preparedness of companies in terms of crisis management under the conditions of various endogenous and exogenous factors, such as economic growth, new technologies, the Internet, media, social media, as well as unfair competition. That being said, the purpose of this research is setting up the tactics of communication which should be developed good communication of the message to the members of the target group. Medium and large companies operating in the Republic of North Macedonia are taken as an example for this research. These are companies in the field of water production, telecommunications, design and printing of material, work with social networks, as well as providing services. In addition, the two largest PR agencies in Macedonia were included in the research as well, which significantly contributes to its validity results. As a candidate country for membership in the European Union, in the Macedonian business sector it is necessary to raise awareness of the existence of a team in companies that will contribute to their readiness for future crisis situations, coordination and work efficiency. It is to be anticipated for the obtained results of this research to significantly promote and advance the country’s serious intention of such ambitious international tendencies.</p> Liljana SILJANOVSKA Copyright (c) 2022 Liljana SILJANOVSKA 2022-08-31 2022-08-31 6 2 52 61 10.32936/pssj.v6i2.344