The Impact of Digitalisation on Human Resources Development


HRM, Digitalisation, Artificial Intelligence, Process, Technology.

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LUMI, A. (2020). The Impact of Digitalisation on Human Resources Development. PRIZREN SOCIAL SCIENCE JOURNAL, 4(3), 39-46.


The paper is a summary of the studies conducted by several authors on the impact of digitalisation on human resource management. In the paper the filtering is done by classifying the authors according to the data and results. The first division presents a general summary of the positive and negative aspects of Digitalisation in HRM processes. The second section talks about the impact of digitalisation on the recruitment process, its impact on the recruitment process, the changes which happened in the improvement aspects. The latest part emphasizes the impact of digitalisation on the training and development process, on the importance of digitalisation in training in this case in the hotels’ sector. The literature used in the paper is mainly taken from prestigious journals to increase the quality of the paper, as well as geographical filtering of the works which has been done in this relation, taking works by authors from different countries. Digitalisation is one of the essential processes of technological change, changes that affected every HRM process. The drastic changes made in human resources have created and accelerated many other changes in HR processes. Most authors point out that digitalisation and technological developments have created an ever-changing era, some of them emphasize the importance of digitalisation at work, and some others think that the HRM course has changed completely. Russian authors discuss the impact of the Digitalisation process on employees by discussing the aspect of negative sides. Nevertheless, all the authors agree that digitalisation and technological change are inevitable and that investing in this aspect is indisputable. As the world rotates, everything is in motion.


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